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Works Blog (Japanese Only)


2006.01"Masato and Hampen"(Eichosha)
2007.03"Travel Journal of Czech and Poland"(MYCOM)
2007.04 "13 rules of Marketing for Women"(Chukei Publishing)
2007.08"Global Journey to find Earth and Yourself" (Gentosha)
2007.09 "The way I've come, the way I'll go"(Gentosha)
2007.11"Cute and Fasionable New Year Greeting Card 2008"(MYCOM)
2007.11"Fortune telling birthday number book" (Chukei Publishing)
2008.03"Fortune telling mobile phone number book"(Chukei Publishing)
2008.04"Gods and Goddesses of Japan"(Visionay Company)


2005.04  First Czech Only Magazine in Japan "CUKR"
Cover illustration and travel essay


2007.05Art Planning Inc."CASARE Fujiwaradai" Communication Visual


2007.04 Shosen Bookmart Bookmark Design
2007.09 Czech Movie Festival in Yokohama Website Illustration
2008.01 Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center Planetarium Program "Hoshi-tsumugi no uta" .